About Asia Starch Solutions


Asia Starch Solutions Co. Ltd. Thailand is the only service provider of its kind in the entire Southeast Asia region. Our company connects manufacturers with clients. We work closely with our international manufacturers and clients, in order to establish fruitful and long term business relationships. The manufacturers we work with cover the entire tapioca product range that encompasses the organic and conventional tapioca food grade starches, sweeteners, industrial grade, pet food, and animal feed. All manufacturers are internationally certified with a proven record of export experience. Asia Starch Solutions Co. Ltd. also deals with wheat- and potato starch suppliers around the world.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

  • To operate within their budget
  • To maximize profit
  • To use their resources efficiently
  • To expand the business
  • To update them on trends in the market
  • To provide company information when needed

Our Commitment to Our Work Force

  • To create a convenient and inspiring space for the workers to be productive
  • To hire talented individuals who will operate under the values of the company
  • To train recruits
  • To evaluate the performance of the staff with relation to other businesses to ensure relevance of labor
  • To develop skills
  • To reward outstanding talent
  • To promote great administrators
  • To attend to grievances promptly

Our Commitment to the Surroundings

  • To use renewable sources of energy as a means to preserve the environment
  • To reduce the wastages, especially the plastic commodities, after use
  • To keep the business premises clean
  • To create awareness of the dangers of climatic change
  • To prevent environmental pollution in form of poisonous emissions
  • To work with organizations aligned with our commitments

Our Commitment to the Government

  • To abide with the business regulations
  • To pay business taxes and tariffs for all transactions
  • To create employment for the local population
  • To create a competitive environment hospitable to indigenous firms
  • Promote technology
  • Reduce dumping
  • To concur with the labor laws
  • To cooperate with the government when necessary

What Our Clients Say

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